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Coopers Sparkling Ale: Homebrew a Delicious Ale

The Coopers sparkling ale produces a beer that features lovely fruity esters and has a really nice malty and generously hopped finish. This brew is the pale ale’s big brother and is known for having an outstanding taste and mouthfeel. If you’re after a brew that... read more

Coopers Amber Malt Extract

The Coopers amber malt extract is a great addition to be used in your favourite home brew recipe. This can be used with other cooper’s ingredients or with your own selection of brewing ingredients. What is it? The amber malt extract is produced using the same methods... read more

Coopers Light Malt Extract

The Coopers light malt extract is the perfect addition to a beer where you’re looking for an improved body, flavour and even head retention. This extract can be use in conjunction with beer concentrate (beer can) by Coopers or with a variety of custom picked beer home... read more

Coopers Dark Malt Extract

The Coopers dark malt extract is a great addition to any home brew. It introduces a greater depth of colour, flavour and even aroma in your beer. This can be used for either in your favourite beer recipe or it can be used with other Coopers beer cans such as the dark... read more

Coopers Draught Beer: Easily Home Brew Draught Beer

The Coopers draught beer is a fantastic beer that is well worth brewing if you haven’t already. Like all of the coopers range of home brew beers this is super easy to quickly get brewing. The word draught or draft beer often refers to beer coming from the keg (off the... read more

Coopers Stout: Home Brew Stout Easily

The Coopers Stout is the perfect beer to home brew for anyone who loves a delicious dark beer. This one is a tad different to your typical beer but is well worth giving it a try. If you’re not a stout fan, then I recommend avoiding this one otherwise anyone who loves... read more
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